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My best friend essay for class 7th

Rahul has one more quality worth the name. He does not like pop songs. Gazals are his favourite field.

He tried to write his writemypapers any games and sports.

I have never seen him with a football, cricket bat or a hockey in his hand. He says it is not his field. He goes for long walks in the mornings but is not a sportsman. His how to write essay on any topic in life is to become a teacher. He wants to be real teacher, a benefactor of students and a storehouse of knowledge and ability and I am sure his ambition will be fulfilled some day.

I am proud of my friend and try to follow his footsteps in every field. I wish that our friendship should last forever because it is very difficult to find a real friend. My Best Friend Everyone needs a best friend in life. We need someone whom we can trust. A best friend should be there for us literature review of foot step power generation the time, no matter what the situation may be.

In my case, I have known my best friend for my entire life. My best friend happens to be my younger sister, Sunita. She is only thirteen months younger than I am, so we are very close. She has taught me how to trust people, how to help me with my problems, and how to open up as an individual. I always had a hard time learning how to trust people. The one person I my best friend essay for class 7th that I could trust with everything was my sister Sunita.

I could always go to her and let her know if I had done something wrong. I knew all my secrets would be safe with her and that nobody would find out unless I told them. Problem solving was another thing that Sunita could help me with. Whether it had to do with boys, school work, sports, or even just things running through my mind, she always solved my problems. She is a wonderful person to go to if you need advice or some kind of guidance in life.

I was always a shy individual. I hardly ever spoke up or let myself be recognized. This is where my sister came and let me out of my shell. She made me go up to random people and just strike up a conversation writers lab academic writing them.

Sometimes that was my best friend essay for class 7th and a little embarrassing, but in the end it ended up helping me. She showed me how to be more outgoing and to voice my opinion when it was necessary. When I become comfortable around a group of people, I usually tend to talk a lot more. I start up conversations and make many jokes.

The first reason I consider him as my best friend is that he has a very warm personality. He is so friendly when he meets me everywhere. For example, he always smiles politely on me that makes me absolutely delighted when I meet him.

I like to see people have a good time, and when others are laughing, I usually am too. As a result of this, I became more social in school and seem to have a more enjoyable time at my job. Being a more outgoing person helped me to feel better about myself and more confident my best friend essay for class 7th I was around other people. It allowed me to open case study boca electronics llc and get to know a lot of people I had once overlooked as potential friends.

Sunita and I do everything together. We went to all the high school football games, ran track, and went to the movies together. We had a dance class with each other and the teacher wanted to split us up in case of any fighting that may have occurred. We even started going to church together and went on retreats. If you saw one of us, usually the other would be right behind. We are four hours away from each other today. Even though we talk every day, we are both making new friends and changing our lives custom essay papers writing service chance of complaint. In the last examination he stood second in the class, but was first in English and Mathematics.

Sindhi is his weak subject.

But he is doing his best to make up his weakness. I hope he will do well in the next examination. His father can well keep a coach for him, but he does not like the idea.

He wishes to stand on his own legs. My friend is my best friend essay for class 7th and smart. He is good at both studies and games. He is loved by the teachers. He is frank and honest. He never tells a lie.

He does not feel jealous of any body. He has sportsman spirit. He helps the weak boys in their lessons.

Short Essay on My Best Friend

He is regular in his habits. He my best friend essay for class 7th quarrels with anyone in the school essay improver online free outside.

He does not call names. He is not proud of his position in the class. Every year he gets prize both in studies and games. He helps his parents in the house. He loves hard work and honest labour. He never wastes his time at home or school.

Sohail is a boy of excellent moral character.

My Best Friend – Essay

He has got high ideals before him. He is expected to make a great man in the years to come. All his qualities have attracted me.